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Snooty Monkey is a collective of software developers started in 2007 by Sean Johnson in the town of Chapel Hill, NC. We enjoy creating the software we wish existed in the world, so we can use it ourselves.

Simple Self-Improvement for a Complex World

Software can be be either a drain on human potential (Zynga, we’re looking at you) or a force for good. One potential source of good is software that helps people with their goals for self-learning and self-improvement. This is where we’ve chosen to focus our efforts.

Sean Johnson

I’m a father, husband, autodidact, software engineer, product manager, entrepreneur, ferret keeper, lacrosse goalie, bibliophile, Buccaneer fan, Falklandsophile, and the founder of Snooty Monkey.

How did I get this way? I got a Commodore VIC-20 computer for Christmas when I was 6 (a very long time ago) and ever since I've spent a portion of everyday designing and writing software.

These days I use Clojure, Erlang, and Ruby, not Assembly, BASIC and C, but my passion for good user experience and simplicity in software has only grown stronger over the years.

Pica the Ferret

Andrew Shindyapin


I am a dynamic figure, often seen building software, disrupting incumbent industries, and practicing rocket surgery. I have been known to feed hungry children on my lunch breaks (OK...just my own).

I studied materials science and engineering formally, software engineering informally, and habit-building subconsciously. When I am bored, I solve: global warming using startups, financial independence using frugality, and health problems using the pseudo-vegan diet and body-weight exercise. During my copious free time, I design automated micro-farms, coming soon to a backyard near you.

As you can also see, I have an extraordinary talent for both brutal honesty and selfless humility.

Scott Johnson

I have the distinction of being the only Snooty Monkey apprentice. Being an apprentice at Snooty Monkey entails hours of being leapt upon by crazed ferrets while reading and writing code.

I have development experience in Clojure, Ruby, Common Lisp, C, and the typical HTML/CSS/JavaScript swill that blends together doing web development. I’ve done some Bitcoin, eBay and Amazon arbitrage and some ferret wrangling, the former being easier than it sounds, and the latter more challenging.


...and the rest, are here on Snooty Monkey Isle

A phalanx of other professionals participate in Snooty Monkey's projects: contract developers, designers, copy writers, interns and apprentices. Good people, everyone, but like the Professor and Mary-Anne in the original version of the song, these other castaways are anonymous in this short ditty.