Who I Am

I'm Sean Johnson, the founder of Snooty Monkey, and a driven and passionate technologist.

I'm a product manager and software developer. I have deep technical skills and business experience in corporate, start-up and entrepreneurial environments.

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What I Believe

Beauty comes from obsessing about the details. I believe in craftsmanship.

I believe in either, not both. Value comes from making hard decisions.

Experience has taught me that great software products are marked by their internal and external simplicity.

I believe in polished minimum viable products, and an informed vision for the product.

What We Do

We create something where there was nothing.

My team and I specialize in taking ideas from the back of a napkin, through version 2.0 and to profitability. I've done this consistently throughout my career at places as diverse as IBM, VC-backed startups, consultancies and bootstrapped entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Ruby on Rails Web apps
  • iPhone, iPad & Mac apps
  • Erlang and Clojure services
  • Product management
  • Training & mentoring